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Raspberry installation before Blank page

Hello everyone,,
New on the forum I appeal to you because I have a problem for installation LBCAlerte 3.3 on my Raspberry PHP 5.6.30 & apache.
After download of LBCAlerte 3.3, copy of the package in / var / www / html / LBCAlerte, application of the rights on the
chown file -R www-data: www -data / var / www / html / LBCAlerte
I created an info. php in the folder / var / www / html / LBCAlerte result ok!

I remain stuck on a blank page, how to dislodge my installation?
Thank you for your help

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Re : Raspberry installation before Blank page

Read the error in log file : LBCAlerte/var/log or if empty in your server error log (ex : /var/log/apache2/error.log).

Have you install php-curl ?

Piost - Solution d'hébergement pour Cheky avec installation automatique.

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